Is Your Roof Falling Apart?

Is Your Roof Falling Apart?

Don't wait to schedule roof repairs

A compromised roof is a serious issue. If water leaks through your roofing system, it can cost you thousands of dollars in interior damage. Contact C C R Roofing, LLC when your roof is damaged. We provide emergency roof repairs and will restore your roof as quickly as possible.

Do you have a unique wood- or slate-shingle roofing system? No problem. With decades of experience, you can rely on us to fix your roof, no matter what kind of material or design you own. Schedule roof repairs by contacting us now.

3 signs you need roof repairs

Not sure if your roof needs immediate repairs? Watch for these warning signs that you have a major roofing issue:

  1. You have shingles that are curled, cracked or missing entirely
  2. You find water stains or discoloration on your interior walls or ceilings
  3. You can see beams of sunlight shining in your attic

Our experienced roofer can assess the problem and let you know what to expect. Contact us at 775-721-0887 for roof repair services.