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Roofing Repairs

Keep your house safe from the elements. Call us to repair any roofing issue.

Roofing Repairs

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Put a strong roof over your home using quality asphalt, slate or wood shingles.

Roofing Installation

Chimney Repairs and Installation

Make sure your wood-burning stove or fireplace has the ventilation it needs.

Chimney Repairs and Installation

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Even a little bit of water can cause a lot of damage if it finds its way into your home. It's worth investing in a quality roof to protect your home and belongings. C C R Roofing, LLC is a local roofing contractor with over 30 years of industry experience. If you're building a new home, we can install a roof you'll love.

Choose us because...

  • We'll work directly with you to build your roof how you want it
  • We have the skills to install any type of roofing material, so you can make the right choice for your home
  • You can have us install a chimney while we build your roof, saving you the hassle of hiring additional contractors

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Turn Your Home Into a Warm and Cozy Cottage

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Restore your leaking roof quickly

Every moment counts when your roof is damaged. Instead of waiting for the next storm to make the problem worse, call C C R Roofing for emergency roofing repairs. Our roofer will find the problem and fix it as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage to your home.

We have extensive experience repairing all kinds of residential roofing systems, so you can rest assured we'll get your roof back in shape. Call us at 775-721-0887 to set up roofing repairs you can count on.